​Mrs. Griffin’s has been a Southern favorite since the first batch was bottled in 1935. ​​

Our Southern Sauce is blended with the same seasonings, ingredients, and care that were used by M.E. Griffin when he developed the original recipe in the kitchen in his home in Macon, Georgia.

Today, Mrs. Griffin’s is made in Macon in small batches and bottled with you in mind.

If you’re a fan of our sauce we appreciate your loyality and support. If you’ve never tried Mrs. Griffin’s, “Ask your friends how good it is, they’ll know.”


Why Small Batch Sauce?

​Mrs. Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce isn’t made in a huge pot on a stove burner like it was by M.E. Griffin in 1935 but it is made in small batches in our bottling plant in Macon, Georgia. The reason we use small batch mixing is to assure that the sauce that you buy is as fresh as possible and consistent with our age old recipe. Read more…

Mrs. Griffin’s Southern Kitchen Recipes

Our sauce is a blend of savory mustard, tomato, spices, and vinegar which makes for a thinner, more traditional, mop sauce that is great on everything. Mrs. Griffin’s has been known to spice up baked beans, marinade grilled vegetables, and even blend in with mayonnaise for BBQ Chicken Salad Dressing. Read more…